Friday, 18 January 2013

Chapter Two Teaser!

    Hey, I bought coffee as a thank you. You really didnt need to tidy up. I said handing him the coffee. He smiled and gently pressed his lips to mine.
    Good morning to you too beautiful and I didnt want to leave a mess. He said.
    Well thank you. I said gently kissing his jaw.
    What are you doing today?” he asked as we sat on the chairs on his porch.
    Nothing. I replied.
    Will you come with me to my parents for a barbeque?” he asked.
    What today?” I asked.
    Yeah, my mom wants to meet you.
    Youve told your mother about me. I asked.
    Well yeah. Alice mentioned you and then she questioned me and I said you were my girlfriend. He said.
    Chapter 2 will be up tomorrow!

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